Educational activities:

  • Visit for kindergarten and primary school
  • Laboratory activities for nursery school and primary school
  • Visit for junior secondary school and high school
  • Visits for adult groups

Proposed activities:

  • Differentiated visits for schools of all levels
  • Activities in the laboratory for kindergarten and primary school
  • Visits for adult groups


Purposes and objectives for a school visit

The aim of the visit will be to provide the students with the tools to read, understand and recognize the modus operandi of the artists present in the exhibition. The students will be brought closer to the images in order to recognize in the iconic-visual text, the essential elements of the form, language, technique, and style of a single artist to understand their message and function. Language, work methodology and content will be suited based on the age of the participants.


Interactive visit for kindergarten and primary school – duration approx. 1 h

Stop on the canvas what changes in an instant or flees in front of us, do everything, not in the tranquility of your studio but in the open air, with easel, canvas, and a briefcase with colors, palette, and brushes!
We will know artists who have never been discouraged of facing the sun, wind, fog, threatening skies, and stormy seas, but they were able to capture the magical atmosphere of Normandy, a beloved region and protagonist of wonderful paintings, with a touch of a brush. At the end of the course, a dossier will be provided with insights and post-show activities.


Kindergarten and primary school laboratory – visit/laboratory total duration approx. 2 h

Title: “Norman colors and atmospheres!”

Traveling artists and observes of the wonderful Norman landscape, among valleys, cliffs overlooking the sea, beaches, and endless countryside. We will discover together how many little touches of color, close to each other, can astonish us from afar and appear almost vibrant as if everything was moved by a gust of wind or struck by the ever-changing rays of the sun. We work together and let ourselves be “impressed”.


Visit for secondary school – duration approx. 75 minutes

We will understand by reading the works of the artists on display, how the painting of impressions becomes the story of a majestic and wild Normandy, a place of effort and hard work on one side, but also of leisure and lightness on the other. Artists who interpret these contradictions and are able to capture the effects of light and atmosphere in enchanting landscape paintings, perceiving and capturing all the immediacy and rapidity of a moment destinated to flow. At the end of the course, a dossier will be provided with details and reference bibliography.

Visit for adult – duration approx. 75 minutes

An exhibition aimed at discovering, through the works of the artists, Normandy as a land of shores and countryside, a fascinating place for local artists and beyond the Channel since the early of the nineteenth century. From the landscape architect’s small marinas Eugéèn Boudin, painted exclusively in the open air, to the Dutch artist Johan Barthold Jongkind, capable of capturing the effects of wind and different weather conditions, up to include artists of different values and inspirations, all gathered together in an extraordinary ideal research journey and experimentation.


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